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Videos BAD Fans ( Impersonators – Imitadores )

1- Michael Jackson was the most awarded artist of History, its style of music, the style dresses, delighted the Public in BAD Era Until Today. Michael Jackson fue el Artista más Premiado de la Historia , su Estilo de Música , el Estilo de Trajes , Encantaron al Público en la Época BAD Hasta Hoy

25 years of the Album Bad , 31 August 1987 , 31 August 2012

Filmmaker Spike Lee presented today at the 69th International Film Festival of Venice his documentary Bad 25, Sentiment entire letter to the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of the album Bad. The documentary, shown in the Mostra out of competition, go in two hours through various music

BAD TOUR WEMBLEY 16 JULY 1988 Curiosities

Wembley concert on July 16, 1988 is the only copy that was found in the materials from Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson had that material kept as a relic, there was only that copy, thanks to the fans was found, it will be very exciting to live that night, Princess Diana and prince Charles were at


Epic / Legacy Recordings, in cooperation with the Estate of Michael Jackson, announced today the launch of the expected repertoire of September 18, Michael Jackson BAD25 celebrating the 25th anniversary of legendary album and tour BAD for record-breaking ticket sales . The deluxe edition includes three CDs, two scripts collector, and the first authorized DVD

Video Photos and Information of : Man In The Mirror

    Man In The Mirror video is the first solo video as an album talking about peace in the world, is really impressive the subject and message, had excellent reviews, a great success, there are 2 versions, the first are just videos of Martin Luther, John Lennon, etc. the second version comes out in the movie

Video Photos and Information of : Leave me alone

      Leave me alone video is a video that mocks false rumors against him, is a    video that was a great success, a totally different video to other videos, also involved his monkey Bubbles, lasting many minutes long, always Michael Jackson took advantage of his songs to make great videos with several minutes

Video Photos and Information of : Liberian Girl

   Liberian Girl video, a video and song is dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor, many famous people involved in the video so his monkey Bubbles, Steven Spielberg, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, Quincy Jones, among others, the video is pretty simple, a pretty good song, had no great success as a smooth criminal, but a very special

Video Photos and Information of : Dirty Diana

   Dirty Diana Video, video is a totally Hard Rock, it was said that the song was by Diana Ross or Princess Diana, that was denied, the video is quite powerful had good reviews, was a great success, the video shows people as a small concert, dress was totally Rock, Bad Tour Wembley talking about

Video Photos and Information of : Speed Demon

    Speed Demon is a video that appears in the movie Moonwalker, although a video was creative, was not successful, But still the video is pretty entertaining Speed Demon es un video que sale en la pelicula Moonwalker , a pesar que fue un video Creativo , no tuvo exito ,   Pero aun asi


It is a film written by Michael Jackson released in 1988, Frank Dileo production and Michael Jackson in this movie showing at first the life of Michael Jackson, as a wing came top of the world was a very different movie other movie wing we are used to aver, leaves man in the mirror live