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Michael Jackson did some commercial success in Scoring With Pepsi , La Gear  and other companies more                                          PEPSI 1988                                 

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Spike lee Bad 25 Anniversary

Spike Lee was in the Production of Bad and now gets up to what’s out on September 18, 2012 25th Anniversary Bad, Bad Tour Wembley, 3 cd of Bad, Bad Tour Staff Jacket, Bad 25 – Deluxe Collectors Edition Spike lee estuvo en la Produccion de Bad y ahora se incorpora para lo que va

Awards Premios

Michael Jackson won many awards in Bad era , won the artist of the decade, won the best artist of 1987, won many prizes, enjoy the videos     Michael Jackson gano muchos premios en la era Bad , gano el artista de la decada , gano el mejor artista de 1987 , gano muchos premios

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Video Photos and Information of : The Way You Make Me Feel

         This video shows that there are types to be Bad for Women Conquer and Michael Tease You Can not Conquer a Woman be Good Person, But He proved that if a woman could and Pretty Sexy blue shirt girl chasing wing , is a pretty good video, as the video from

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Michael and Bubbles

     the story of Michael Jackson with Bubbles, was a really touching story, his monkey was everywhere, even at the  Bad Tour, also to the moonwalk, ate with, in this video for example in Japan where Michael was taught to be good, also dressed him wing size monkey Bubbles la historia de Michael Jackson