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Video Photos and Information of : Bad

     Bad video, was one of the most important video of his career, a very long time video, changing the look of short hair medium hair length with a black suit with chains, on the subway in new york in 1987 to by martin scorsese video Bad , fue unos de los videos mas

Video Photos and Information of : Smooth Criminal

     Smooth Criminal video, some more spectacular videos of all time a gangster-type video, appeared in the movie Moonwalker, the energy of Michael in this video is really extraordinary, very duration of minutes video Smooth Criminal , unos los videos mas espectaculares de todos los tiempos un video tipo ganster , aparecio en la pelicula

Videos of Bad Tour 1989

In 1989, and ended with Bad Tour, finished in Los Angeles in the U.S., also showed great energy, and in that year after Bad Tour wine Awards En el año 1989 , ya termino con Bad Tour , termino en los Angeles en Estados Unidos , Demostro tambien Mucha Energia , ya en ese año

Videos of Bad Tour 1988

in 1988 was much more complete the request became a reality to many requests, song dirty diana, the way you make me feel, man in the mirror, another part of me, Michael Jackson became more famous around the World Europe, in england at Wembley made Guinness record was a year where he showed that evolved

Videos of Bad Tour 1987

in 1987 do not sing all the songs on the album Bad, I was just full Yokohoma cities of Japan, and Australia, why the request was made in 1988 ,in Japan came jacksonmania

Information : Album Bad

the album  Bad was of the great albums of Michael Jackson published on August 31, 1987, with over 30 million copies sold and five number ones in the U.S. charts (Billboard Hot 100), Thriller No sales surpassed that, but it was more complete and the videos showed great creativity and power with a long hair